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“对于我们而言,学习英语是很重要的” 翻译 至少3种...

For us, Learning English is very important. It is

学习知识很重要要,说出三个理由 Learning knowledge is very import

如果简单点来说:for us, about us. 如果复杂点,in our perspectiv

Keep a healthy body is very important to us.

I. think. it. is. important. to. learn English. fo

用英文来说应该是: Studying is very important to us studen

翻译是:It is important for us to study hard. 词汇解释:

It is important for us to have breakfast in the mo

翻译是:That is why learning a second language is impo

翻译成: It is very important to develop a good learni


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