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猪宝贝 Babe Pig

猪:皮格{pig},猪宝贝:皮格贝毕{pig baby}.

The childhood is an all fine recollection to each person and say to me that is to be full of the sweet, especially my grandfather, probably because of nearby only have my[one] kid at him, pour into all loves to me, hour but act in pettish with self-will, he

很多词都有宝贝的意思,baby honey darling 都可以有这个意思~

亲亲猪猪宝贝英文版填词:代芙妮编曲:阿摩司演唱:阿摩司Holidays are coming happy time假期快乐的时光来到了!Go outside and chase the butterfly户外开心地捉蝴蝶去喽!She's flying to the sky tell me why告诉我为什么她飞到了空中啊?

自己翻的.~~I'm American made, Bud Light, Chevrolet我来自美国,一个生产Bud Light(一种啤酒名) 和雪佛兰(汽车)的国家My momma taught me wrong from right妈妈我教辨别对错.I was born in the south我在南部出生.Sometimes I have a big

Huo Jite pig farmer has just been baby when it did not seriously,Baby may be small pig big ambition,Shepherd worship Mother bitter division for art school,Has finally become a "sheep pig."Their work is completed, it is enthusiastic to do additional

您好!答案是、 Have you have ordinary happiness. Have you have endless warm. Have you have eternal love. Just want to hold your hands. Go straight. A lifetime, for two generations 谢谢采纳

"Fool, I still your (XXX), or your that baby. I will never become another who, me is me, never belong to you only of I. Because you said 'eternal'"

baby i like you.we must be together forever and never be apart = =


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