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(其实你不用说,我也明白,谢谢你陪伴我这么久) ...

In fact you needless to say, I also understand, thank you to accompany me for so long

thanks for your accompanying for such a long time. actually i can understand even you don't say anything. sorry for my excuse.

翻译如下: 谢谢你陪伴我这一年 appreciate you for accompanying me this year.

Thank you for walking with me for so long 谢谢你陪我走了那么久

那就让她一个人待一会儿呗 有什么事情说清楚就好了 不要想得太多了

你好! 谢谢你 出现在我最需要陪伴的时刻 Thank you in my most need to accompany on the moment


Thank you to accompany me this month, I am very happy may really be meant to love you English translation


谢谢你的陪伴的英语:Thank you for your company。 重点词汇: 1、thank you 英 [θæŋk ju:] 美 [θæŋk ju] 谢谢你。 2、for 英 [fə(r)] 美 [fɔr,fə] prep.为,为了;倾向于;关于;当作。 conj.因为,由于。 3...


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