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"Yudong tune" also known as "East" clapper "adjustment under way." Henan Opera in a representative one of the major schools, is based on local features of the folk opera culture. The music horns, rough, clear and firm, its rich and vivid,

您好 我的翻译如下: A poor talker and poor expression is very easy to give the impression that ability is low and lack of thought the impression. Such people no matter in which a social level, regardless of where to go, will not walk easily on

Single capacitive pressure sensor, which consists of circular membrane with fixed electrode. The role of membrane deformation under pressure, thereby changing the capacity of the capacitor, the sensitivity is roughly proportional to the pressure

An energy and oil, coal, natural gas and so on is becoming smaller and smaller, and the energy prices are soaring, the public electricity is als

Construction of the financial early-warning system is a subject of considerable discussion in recent years, is currently one of the hot domestic and international economics. Financial risk early warning system is mainly for the macro-financial risk

Along with the rapid development of society, the world has gradually become a "global village", the exchange and cooperation between countries are increasing. As one of the common language of English in daily life, plays a more and more

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Yorkshire has a West and Clif gypsy boy, was Mr. Meredith to Wuthering Heights, he got the director 's daughter Catherine, Catherine in love, and can't refuse to rich life, will give him the advantage is the neighbor Layton, West Clif was inadvertently

人工翻译如下:(你的信中有几个错别字,我帮你改了下,呵呵,希望能帮到你.)Dear "secret" Team: I am glad to contact with you! I was before I had seen your movie, and started full of confidence did, very happy day, elephant, do not let


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