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We made a survey in the students to know what kind of online games they like. We are researching how to design an online game that will be popular among students and with which students can learn in playing.

Nowadays, there are more and more students playing online games, and all sorts of online games appear in the market. However, it is quite important for us to think about how to design an online game that can attract students bu...

If there is an online game combined with learning that is popular with both parents and students, great changes will take place in the online game market.

以下是有道翻译的,不是很准确,你自己再调整下,借你参考。The network game players mainly concentrated in young group, of which 18 ~ 24 players proportion to 57.26%, 18 years old the following players group also quantity objectiv...

参考如下 The protocols online games observe include ICP/ IP(for internet), UDP/ IP and IPX(for LAN).

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May you be happy and peaceful in every coming day.

the older you getting,the lonelier you feeling

1.demand是要求 我看到人们追求更高的工资和要求越来越高的职业,来完成这个目标 2.是share sth with sb 这里把sb提前了,即为for后面的you 即使这一切按计划进行,你会知道如何快乐不工作的时候,如果你一生都赚钱呢?更重要的是,谁将在你分享你的...


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