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I like dogs very much.They are very cute and funny.And the most important is that they are honest to their owners.So we human beings usually call them our best friends. Dogs are used by us humans in many different ways.Some people especially the

When a dog follows its nose, it's actually being led by thee key senses. Sight:a glimpse of the enemy saves them barking up the wrong tree. Sound: a bark can be a fierce threat, but it's also how canines make their long distance calls. Smell: this tells

As is known to all,dogs are huaman's best friends,they can be our cute pet too,so many people like them very much.The little dogs are very adorable.Some just have dogs for pleasure,and they even build house for their dogs.The dogs are human's

我非常想拥有一只可爱的宠物狗.暑假里终于如愿以偿,爸爸给我买了一只小狗. 我给小狗取了个时髦的名字——汪汪.它长着黄白相间的毛,灵敏的耳朵一有声响它的就竖立起来.两只眼睛炯炯有神,黑色的鼻子,像一个小球一样圆.嘴巴大

My pet is a lovely dog.Its name is 'dian dian'.because there are a lot of black circle on its skin.the 'dian dian' is very friendly.Many childen like play with him.His favourite food is meat bones. H is favourite toy is a doll. 'dian dian ' likes to run very much.It

I have a pet dog named Lucky.It has white and soft furs with two small ears and a long tail.It is given by my aunt as my birthday.It is so friendly and lovely that we all love it very much.It likes playing balls outside so I often take it our for a walk.It also likes

我的狗Mimi(My dog Mimi) I have a dog. Its name is Mimi. It is white and cute. It has two long ears and two black eyes. On my ten years' birthday party, my uncle bought it for me. It is very lovely, I love it very much. I need to feed it twice a day. I go

Dog is a tiny cute animal.You can tell from the appercance when you first meet a dog,it will accompany you with its tails swinging up and down.It can amuse you by some gestures and you can cultivate your character by raising a dog.

你可以写cat rabbit dog elephant 几种熟悉的动物啊! 正解:Cat have white or black fur(软毛),two green eyes and some moustache(胡须).In the evening, cat's eyes are very bright(明亮).They can catch mouses at that time.They like eating

答:你好!你一定要采纳我!谢谢. The dog l like the dogs very much. They are very interesting and lovely. They like to eat sausages. Because they are delicious.the dogs always are people's best friend. It can help people to catch bad people and


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