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获得第一名,可以说,get the first place,或者win the first place,理论上这些单词都可以替代这个acquire; gain; obtain; win,都是获得的意思

win the first prize . to be the champion to be the first

Top one

获得了第一名译:Won the first place

get the first place 1.we need to work hard at our study.2.Is dog your favourite animal,Jim?3.The students make many methods to show their school life.4.Students in the occident like to play a joke with their classmates at the back of the classroom.

赢得第一名 Win the first prize

是一点因为NO.是Number 的缩写一般缩写都要带一点,这是常规

I got the first place.我得到了第一名

get the first place (比赛中的名次) be awarded the first prize/get the first prize(被授予第一名的奖励) win the first get the first prize

获得第一 Acquire the first第一 The first


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