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Room 201, No.5, East Shandili Street, 2th Factory Road, Wuzhou City, Guangxin Zhuang Autonomous Region, P. R. China

Room401,NO.6,Lane721,SouthTibetRoad,Shanghai,China,zip code:200011(也可以直接用code表示邮编) 如果你要是从国外有回来的信完全可以先在国际邮件上写上一个China然后用汉语写上收件人的地址,这样,投递的时候,外国人只要知道是邮到中国就可以了,而负责国内投递的中国邮差也自然会按照你写的中文地址进行投递,我不是信口开河瞎胡说的 !我同学的姐姐就是这样从英国给他们往回邮东西的.

I can do this successfully Looking at the computer screen, doing nothing, how I am, and the Solo of the efforts to train, but now they stare blankly at the screen, open the QQ is always watching QQ her head, looking forward to the emergence of her.

Guangdong province shenzhen futian district qiang electronics world number floor on the second floor 11C034 如果能够帮助你解决问题,那么希望你点击“采纳”【并为我的回答评分】举手之劳,将鼓励我们继续解答其他QQ网友的问题,谢谢 不懂请追问 谢谢采纳我的建议 祝你开心,快乐,幸福

No. 46 Ning Dong Alley, North Garden Road, Ning Guo City

Based on the current situation of college students participation into leisure sports, have a survey on the knowlege, function, interests and content of leisure sport. Analyse the function and effcts of leisure sport on the health, entertainment,interaction,

The girl was seen when, lying on the ground, be at one's last gasp. Her parents are very regret not taking good care of herAlthough the exam I left behind, but I am not discouraged. As long as I work hard, I must make great progress. After all, the last

Room 201, No. 5 of Shandili East Lane, Gongchang No. 2 Road, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Autonomous Region of the Zhuang Minority People, China

Student Management System[summary] in a university with 10,000 students, the students manage to become a more delicate matter. Fortunately there is a computer, with a variety of procedures to help you facilitate the completion of this work. I

The desolate one is green Very green, if in the world of the blue sky and white cloud, it seems beautiful and ordinary. Very green, if in bleak and desolate and dark world, it seems wretched and great! WALL.E the film of Disney, if I touch it in



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