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你使用的是什么手机?英语怎么说?what make is your mobile phonewhat make 什么牌子,老式英语,现在用的人不多了

Motorola L7

手机 mobile phonecell phonehand phonehandset下面是一些手机网络短语智能手机 smart phone ; SP ; PDA Phone ; Phone PDA手机制式 GSM ; G ; CDMA ; GSM TD-SCDMA功能手机 Feature phone ; Gigaset ; Mobile Phones谷歌手机 Gphone ;

手机的英文是phone.英 [fn],美 [fon] n. 电话;电话机;听筒;耳机;(语)音素 v. 打电话 过去式:phoned,过去分词:phoned,现在分词:phoning 短语:1、make a phone 打个电话 2、pick up the phone 拿起听筒 3、ring sb's

Mobile phones have changed our lifestyle forever, but not all the changes are for the best. Discuss the pros and cons of owning a mobile phone. These days, mobile phones are becoming useful and our lifestyle has changed a lot. In my opinion,

智能手机的英文:smartphoneSmartphone是使用Windows Mobile for Smartphone Edition操作系统的智能手机,主要的设计理念就是个人随身的数字处理中心.smartphone 读法 英 [smtfn] 美 [smtfon] 例句:1、They can do

手机有两种常用说法: cellphone 和 mobile phone所以这句话可以翻译成:Is this your cellphone/ mobile phone number?希望能帮到你O(∩_∩)O

It is especially important to understand how to use the mobile phone .

亲, Use mobile phones,意思是“借用手机”

What's the make and model of your mobile phone?make牌子model型号


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