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Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes and contains the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and any representations, warranties, undertakings or agreements made betw...

The rising sun Lee


We are very sorry for our poor servicing level,which leads to some customers to complain the goods they received. Therefore, we will do our best to improve our service, so as to get rid of such problem! Some customers have orde...

智利是讲西班牙语的,上面这一段是西班牙语,翻译成英文就是:I already have the PCB but I appreciate your offer, if you need other part I will contact you. greeting 英文应该看得懂吧

己诺封锁不生。自为奈上诺得内。 奈呀起。 痛呀起。 又摘深,共内八应杰森 晚会改写借半森 重遇聊 偏偏偶鱼 奈及森 人鱼三中莫呦分 太多僧死与奈与恨 莫发呀森两帆委婉过呀僧 愿意八谁得森森 干搜森中那点放杨 愿内中八再犯 封锁我呀森啊 1西某...

很负责任的告诉你,前4楼的都是GOOGLE翻译的,就算一点英语也不懂都能看出来,因为“扶老奶奶过马路”中的“扶”竟然翻译成了“Fu”。,后面2位的朋友问题有点多。GOOGLE有时候翻译不出来就用拼音代替了,这也是辨别真伪的一个标识。 1. Wednesday, Ju...

Do you fear or like the roller coaster and the haunted house? If you must choose one to experience, which one would you prefer?




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