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用consist of造句 consist of包括;由…组成;由 组成1、The division will consist of two tank companies and one infantry company 这个师的组成部队将包括两个坦克连和一个步兵连.2、The lungs consist of millions of tiny air sacs. 肺由数百万

1. 谦虚的,审慎的[(+about)] He's got a drawer full of medals but he's too modest to wear them. 他有满满一抽屉的奖章,但是他很谦虚,从不戴它们. 2. (女性及其衣饰)端庄的;稳重的 She wore a modest bathing suit. 她穿一件不太暴露的游泳衣. 3. 不太大(或多)的;适度的,有节制的 Prices tended to rise year by year, but at a modest rate. 物价年年上涨,但幅度不大.

conventional [形容词]:习惯的 ; 惯例的 ; 普通的;常见的 ; 符合习俗的 ;过分拘泥的既是形容词便主要用来修饰[名词]例句:Good morning is a conventional greeting. 早安是习用的招呼语.I wish you weren't so conventional in the clothes you wear. 我真希望你穿衣不要那么守.词组: to be conventional in sth. 在某方面守旧conventional warfare 常规战争

6. Few could afford the luxury. 很少有人买得起这种奢侈品.7. We can afford a car. 我们买得起一辆小汽车.8. The records afford no explanation. 这记录没有任何说明.9. She cannot afford the expense. 她花不起这笔钱.10. Could we afford a holiday? 有没有钱去度一次假?

1. climb the nearby hill 攀登附近的小山2. The climb down was even harder than the climb up.那一次下山比上山还艰难.3. The long hot climb made him sweat.长距离的激烈攀登使他出汗了.4. The first attempt to climb Mount Everest failed.第一次攀登埃非尔士峰(即珠穆朗玛峰)的尝试失败了.

1 Like other glued-wood products, plywood provides a strong, inexpensive alternative to solid wood.与其它胶合木制品相似,胶合板以其坚固和廉价成为硬木的替代品.2 However in view of the very low cost of PIOs, this can be indeed a very

whom指人,在定语从句中充当宾语,常可省略. (1) Mr. Liu is the person (whom) you talked about on the bus. (2) Mr. Ling is just the boy whom I want to see. 注意:关系代词whom在口语和非正式语体中常用who代替,可省略. (3) The man who/whom you met just now is my friend.

conventional 表示传统的(含"守旧的"这意思,表示不愿意革新的)He was penetrated with a conventional idea . 他深受传统思想的影响.

There's no harm in your staying up late occasionally.偶尔晚睡并无妨害.

whom是宾格,只有名词性质.如:Whom are you talking about? 你们在谈论谁?By whom is the letter signed? 这封信是谁签署的?Whom' re you playing this week? 这一周你们将和谁比赛?(偶尔也用在口语中) 在口语中一般皆用who.如:Who did you meet there? 你在那儿遇见谁了?Who did you ask about it? 关于那件事你们问过谁了?在介系词之后,只能用whom,如:With whom are you going? 你要和谁一起去?希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.


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