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首先要学会与人交流,多交朋友 Firstly, it's needed to learn to communicate with people, and make more friends.

首先要学会与人交流,多交朋友First of all have to learn to communicate with others, how to make friends求采纳谢谢

It is important for everyone to learn to make friends.It is important for sb. to do sth.这是一个常用搭配,\“对某人来说,做某事是很重要的\”你可以记一记。

“另外,我希望你多交朋友,平时多与同学交流,多向老师寻求帮助,多乐于助人。” Besides, I hope that you can make more friends and have more communications with your classmates at ordinary times. Ask your teachers for help whenever you ...

他喜欢与人交谈且交友 He likes to talk with people and make friends. 他喜欢与人交谈且交友 He likes to talk with people and make friends.

你这句话有问题:不应该是我喜欢和大家交朋友,应该是我很愿意和大家交朋友。 如果用正规英语翻译你的问题的话应该是: I love you and make friends! 我很愿意和大家交朋友: I am willing to make friends and everyone 。 ants2z的话我有同...

To communicate with others and make friends 

Can I make friends with you? 不用客气!点个赞哦!

你好,供参考 How to Make Friends Everyone needs friends. A friend can give us help and share our difficulties and happiness. But how can we make friends? First, to make friends, you must be friendly to others. Smile at others a...

“交朋友”的英文:Make friends Make 读法 英 [meɪk] 美 [mek] 1、vt. 使得;进行;布置,准备,整理;制造;认为;获得;形成;安排;引起;构成 2、vi. 开始;前进;增大;被制造 3、n. 制造;构造;性情 短语: 1、make full use of 充分...


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