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1, the export trade process 1) Preparation before export transactions ① international business information collection and sorting; ② research on the international market; ③ the implementation of the export supply; ④ export commodity

thanks for your printing cotton samples sent on sep. 13th, 2007. i am very satisfied with the price and the quality, and willing to place a order of 300 yards -pattern number72 - unit prices us$12 per yd with total amount us$3600. i need the goods

DECLARATIONWe're very sorry about the inconveniences caused by early arrival of our cargo. And we're willing to bear some of the losses. However, as we've already given you the most favorable prices, we can only afford USD 500 this time, which

we know the APL ocean freight of this week now, it's the same as last week.

这是纽约市的一个地方,位于第26大街具体名称不太好翻译,也就是 Maximum Exposure 512 7 这里,恐怕是一家公司的名称.

Act 2 IssuingExport Bank: We nominate you to confirm this L/C upon your good reputation.Confirming bank: In view of the kind cooperation between us, we agree to confirm this L/C..Act 3: NoticeExport Bank: By advising the credit or presenting


We are both not willing to see this situation. It's an accident, and I hope we both sides could understand each other. It's not proper that you refuse to pay the purchase price. This order has a small quantity and various brands: 100 PCS, 60 PCS, 30

The agent in the importing country can endorse the bill of lading to the buyer进口国的代理可以将提单背书给买家(前提应该是:提单上的收货人是 TO ORDER OF SHIPPER或者目的港代理)In this way,the importers can transfer the consignment

We have already faxed the commercial contract to you, please fax back to me with your signature. We must assure the quality is the best,for this is our first cooperation,while the price is crucial for us, and we will make the transactions with the most



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