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为什么It is s grEAt Fun.这句话要删掉A才正确


fun的用法与搭配 1. It’s fun后接不定式或动名词均可,意思基本相同。如: It’s great fun sailing a boat.= It’s great fun to sail a boat. 扬帆驾舟十分有趣。 2. 表示做某事很开心,可用have (there is) fun (in) doing sth。如: We had fu...

It’s great to be part of a happy family. It is fun to be with people who like you. It is good to feel the 1and the love of the ones who care for you. It is fantastic when you can 2them when you have problems. 3, it is also true...

It's of great fun.

两个都可以。 it is great fun doing没有特指。 it is great fun to do是特指做某事很有趣。 it is great fun playing football.(泛指:踢足球很有趣) it is great fun to play football with you.(特指:和你踢足球很有趣)

C fun 不可数,A/D错 前面有it is,不能加the

what great fun it is to fly a kite

It is great fun doing 做得很有趣 fun n.乐趣;玩笑 adj.有趣的 例句 用作名词 (n.) I'm learning to cook, just for the fun of it. 我正在学做饭,做著玩儿而已。 You'll sure to have fun at the party tonight. 你在今晚的晚会上一定会玩得...

to do

fun是不可数名词 切记不可加不定冠词


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