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The great and good



用现在时 讲过去的事的时候再用过去式

Yesterday is No. 10.1, is the national day.I get up late in the morning, 10 am.The weather is warm.I washed a lot of clothes.At noon and my brother go out to eat, eat very happy.At home, watching Hunan TV drama.In 6 he wrote the English phonetic symbol.Bed at 11.

i like traveling very much. i have been to many places so far. last year, i went to yunnan with my parents. we visited kunming, dali and li jiang. we really had a good time. now i am in hainan. i am swimming in the sea and i enjoy myself very much. next

一般现在时.I have a good friend.She is a pretty girl. She lives in Jiujiang. She is a middle school student. She has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. She is tall and thin. She likes watching TV and playing the basketball. On the

应用到各种时态和句型,如下: ① 一般式(一般现在,一般过去,一般将来):am, is, are, was, were, is going to be , will be+done . ie. Once environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the system to recover. 本句的意思是:“环境

the summer vacation had come again. i was happy that i could forget about school at least for a while. lest i fool around all through this summer vacation, i made a plan as to how to spend it. first, i thought i should go over all the knowledges that my


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