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五年级下册英语作文 第四单元,

There are five people in my family--my parents, my brother, my sister and I. My father is 48 years old . He is fond of fund and bring us much happiness. My mother is as old as him. She just a housewife and keep her mind on cooking. The food she

The time i arrived home, four people were there.They were my dad ,my mum,my uncle and my grandfather.

On Saturday night. My father is watching TV. My mother is cleaning the room. My brother is playing computer. What is I doing?I am doing my homework.

My name is Wang Jie,I love animals very much. Because I think they are very cute. There are many animals in my home. I have a dog, its name is Xiaoshi. And I have a cat,its name is Mimi.And there is two chicks in my home,they are Huanghuang

什么啊,根本不是彩虹姑娘!好像是I'm helpful吧!正文:I'm helpful!I can help my mother do housework. I can do the dishes. I can set the table. I can water the flowers. I can sweep the floor. I'm happy.打完了,很累啊!!你要选我啊!

1.my fatherI have a good father. I like him very much.My father is a policeman. He is tall and strong. He looks very cool in the black police uniform. He works in the police station and he is very busy every day. He likes helping people. So he often goes

Here is a happy family.They are mother father grandmother grandfather and three little chirdren in this family.Mother ia a very beautiful model.Sometimes you may can see her photos on the magazines.And the father as a host is famous in the world.

bird fly two elepent walk monkey panda climb tree sleep sorry I gered six 知识不够 (对不起 我才6年级 知识不够)

Unit 6:take pictures(照相) watch insects(观察昆虫) pick up leaves(采摘树叶) do an experiment(做实验) catch butterfly(捉蝴蝶) honey(蜂蜜) count insects(数昆虫)collect leaves(收集树叶) write a report(写报告) play chess(下棋) have a picnic(举行野餐)


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