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A day of my life (我的一天) I got up at 7 in the morning ,and my mother cooked me a delicous breakfast. 我早晨7点起床,我妈妈给我做了好吃的早餐. After breakfast I went to play with my friends ,we went to the pool to play with the water.There

Mother's Day comes on the second Sunday in May each year. On that day this year, I bought a sweater and some flowers for my mother to thank her for her hard work for me. Receiving my gift, my mother was very happy.

My family My name is ~~~.I have a happy family. There are three people in my family,my father ,my mother and I.My father is a doctor,he is a great doctor.My mother is a director,she is a kind mother.She is good at cooking.And I'm a junior high school

五年级英语作文 The step of summer Lightly, lightly, summer girl is coming to the world with slim and graceful step …… The grass grows much greener than before. The flowers come out more beautiful than before. There are more leaves in the trees

I have a backpack. It is large and it is blue. It is a birthday gift from my parents. I love it very much. It is very "hard-working", because I keep all my school things in it. It is very heavy. It is with all the time during school days. It is a good friend of mine.

A happy weekend At the weekend Lingling and Daming went to the Cangsheng Park by bike. The weather was fine.It was a big park.Many people played in it.They came there to have a rest after a week's study.Some boys played football on the

My Day Hi,my name is XXX.Let's tell my day for you.I get up at 6:20,eat breakfast at 6:50,go to school at 7:10,do morning exercises at 8:05,have English class at 9:10.I usually go home at 5:30,eat dinner at 6:30.I have luner at school. Can you tell your day for me,pease?

My favourite season is autumn.because I can ean many food.The weather is good ang the colours are beautiful! I can pick apples.Do you like autumn?

五年级英语作文一般是五句话第一句介绍自己或别人第二句就开始进入主题:如写一家人会干什么第三第四句就写上面的内容的陈述最后就结尾对于青少年来说,学习如何交友是很重要的.It's important for teenagers to learn how to make


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