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英文歌,男声吧,高潮部分的歌词里有you BElong to mE. I BElong to yo

The Lumineers

歌名:you belong to me歌手:jennifer lopez

有一首 you belong with me 蛮好听的 你看是不是

Muse - I Belong to you When these pillars get pulled down It will be you who wears the crown And I'll owe everything to you Woo.. Woo! Woo.. Woo! How much pain has cracked your soul? How much love would make you whole? You're my guiding

《选择》的英文版looking in your eyes I see your smile looking in your eyes I see my dream notyhing can stop us we're heart to heart never to be apart I'm so glad to find you I will never lose you I will stay here with you through all good and bad times

Jason Wade You Belong To Me

You Belong With Me歌手: Taylor Swift

《Hot》Inne 你听听看,真的是不是我就不知道了

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me 泰勒的歌 有很多belong Have you ever thought just maybeyou belong with meYou belong with me

歌词是you belong to me出处歌曲:You Belong To Me 歌曲:You Belong To Me 歌手:Sue Thompson 作词:Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart,Chilton Price.作曲:Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart,Chilton Price.专辑:单曲 发行时间:1952 具体歌词



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