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亚运会 The Asian Game About four days ago, the Asian Game was open, this time, it is held in Korea. The Asian Game is held once four years, it is a big game for the Asian coutries. The best athletes from different countries fight for the honor, they

MY BIRTHDAY 我的生日 Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and

1.英文:In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won't be blind at least. My dream

如何选择朋友 how to choose Friends As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends play a very essential role in our daily life. However, how to make goods friends is a problem for most of us. As for me, I have three

Park There is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowersand birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy theirweekends.They like walking or having a picnic in the park.But I like flying akite with my sisiter there. 我家附

1. How to spend my weekend Iam going to prepare for my lessons because the Mid-term exam is coming. I am sure if I have good preparation, I will get good grades. I am going to help my parents do some housework because they work hard every

你好:1.Hello everyone, My name is ***. I am 13 years old this year, the sixth grade, I immediately have to face the beginning of a small rise. I am a lovely girl, have big eyes, small nose and rosy lips. I study in the first primary school, I like English, but


Knowledge can be acquired from many sources. These include books, teachers and practical experience, and each has its own advantages. The knowledge we gain from books and formal education enables us to learn about things that we have no

My Home Town My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life. In 1949 my hometown was


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