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①many thanks for your kind and warm help.②i am greatly indebted to you for your help.③ thank you for your generous hospitality.④ it was really exciting to get your new year's card!⑤ i'm sincerely grateful for all your help in finding me a place.⑥your

1. I'm writing to (inform you of the good news that you are admitted to Peking University). 2. I think it a great help if you can do me a favour and (provide me with whatever I need) 3. I'm looking forward to your early reply.

i am glad to hear from you. 我很高兴收到你的来信.

结尾段:再次表示感谢. 必背模版句型如下: thanks again for your kind help.对你的帮助再次表示感谢. my true gratitude is beyond any words description.任何语言都不能表达我的真挚谢意. please accept my thanks, now and always.请永远

第一段:要表达对父母的问候,问二老身体还好吧等,然后表达自己对二老的思念之情,比如:How are you doing these days! I miss you so much.第二段,就是感谢的重点了,这要看你想感谢哪方面的,开头可以是,I appreciate或者Thank you for yourIt's my horor to have parents like you

Dear dad and mum,Today is Thanksgiving Day,so I want to write a letter to you.I know you are kind and helpful to me.You cook meals and wash clothes for me every day.At the

. 英语书信常见句型:1.在信的开头常用语: How are you? How are you getting on recently? How are you getting on along with…? How time flies!it s three months since I saw you last.How nice to hear from you again . I'm glad to have received

Dear Jim,Thank you for your birthday present for me, I like this book very much, because the characters in this book are very lovely, especially the leading character, he is helpful and humorous, and he is the best model for me to learn. I would like to tell

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please give my best wishes to your parents. Please give my best regards to your family. how are you? How have you been? Looking forward to your early reply. Wish you recover soon! God bless you Warmest

1) Looking forward to your early reply2) Hoping to hear from you soon3) I hope to hear from you very soon.4) We look forward to your reply at yourearliest convenience.5) Your early reply will be highlyappreciated.6) I hope everything will be well


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