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通常西方人都是用invitation card来表示邀请的,你可以试试下面的地址,填一下内容它可以帮你用邮件发过去. http://www.invite-o-matic.com/invite-machine.htm

1、I am writing to invite you to…我写信是为了邀请您……2、I think it would be a great idea if you could participate in…如果您参加……那就太好了.3、I wonder if you can come…我想知道您是否能来……4、How would you like to join us in…?您

Dear Regional Sales Managers:e69da5e6ba90e79fa5e9819331333337373563The purpose of this letter is to formally invite you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to take part in the forthcoming new product market survey analysis seminar.The

邀请信模板1: Dear ______, I will be holding ________ at ______ on _________ in order to _________ _. As you are a close friend of our family, my parents and I would very much like you to join us in _________ and share our joy. The occasion

An Invitation Letter July 2,2010 Dear lzb112(你的名字), This July 3th I want to hold a celebration of our established company in Gold award Wineshop on sunday morning. It would be pleasant to have you here. So interesting will this celebration

dear english teacher: i'm a student of no.16 middle school in chengdu,sichuan provinces.i'm very happy to hear that you will give a speach in our school.now i will tell you

Dear Jordan,Hello.I am a student of Hezhou Middle School in Guangxi Province,sorry to interrupt you,but as we all know,English is very important in communication and we choose it as our second language,but some of the students in our school

中文、英语请柬、邀请函的不同和英文请柬的格式: 现代的社会是交际的社会,需要举办或参加各种国际或国内的会议以及宴会等,写邀请信和请柬是一个人必备的素质.今天我们就来介绍中文请柬和英文请柬的格式,并在后面给出中文请柬和


Dear Mary, Hello. Hope you are doing well recently. Something is coming up. Mr. John will go back to his country next week, so Students Club plans to have a fairwell party for him before his leave. The party will be on 5pm in the upcoming Sunday


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