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excitement KK: [] DJ: [] n.1. 刺激;兴奋,激动[U] The baby's first step caused great excitement in the family.婴儿迈出了第一步使全家大为兴奋.2. 令人兴奋的事;刺激的因素[C] The visiting circus was an excitement to every child in town.马戏团的到来使镇上每个孩子都感到兴奋.

excitement 英[ksatmnt] 美[ksatmnt] n. 兴奋,激动; 令人兴奋的事; 刺激,振奋; [例句]Everyone is in a state of great excitement.每个人都大为兴奋.

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1、excited表示"兴奋的",指人对..感到兴奋; 2、exciting表示"令人兴奋的;使人激动的",指事、物本身让人兴奋、激动. 3 excitement 是名词

The exciting news makes us excited


would you like like my old tv in exchange for this camera?you can exchange your currency for dollars in this hotel.tom is a good example to all of us.in her excitement she dropped her glass.

I was excited to see my English teacher.见到英语老师,我很兴奋I saw an exciting football game yesterday.昨天我看了一场令人兴奋的足球赛

楼上的语法有错误,应该是第三人称,makes 我给一个句子:the gift made the boy excited.这个礼物让小男孩很兴奋!

应该可以用“are you cxcited” 应注意excited是形容人的,exciting是形容物的,两者要分清楚


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