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用lEss thAn造句八年级

1. The skirt is less expensive than the dress.2. Folk music is less popular than pop music.3. Tom is less careful than John.4. He has less money than me.5. He is less careful than he

Less than half of UN member states report on Iran sanctions implementation

They know less than we do.

less较少的, 更少的 (与不可数名词连用) The firm has less money and fewer staff than last year.公司的资金和人员都比去年少了.The movie had less success than expected.影片没有获得预期的成功.more更多的I have more friends than she has.我比她有更多的朋友.

think less of忽视 小看的意思 o(∩_∩)o~

you should ear less junk food to keep healthy the less junk food we eat,the more healthy we'll get! To get fewer paper,we should go and buy some. Now fewer and fewer people are buying books at the storeshop 我喊老师来给你翻译的哦

Students regard him as less a teacher than a friend.

Fewer people write with their left hand than with their right. The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you will make. Fewer students are opting for science courses nowadays. We need more boys and fewer girls. Fewer and fewer people plan to

搜一下:根据要求,每一小题写出一个英文句子. 1. 用no less… than短语造句: 2. 用exc

Will polution can be less than now?I had fewer pencils than him.


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