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句尾句首都有,情况不同,自己看例句吧! at any rate adv. 无论如何, 至少 例句 At any rate one mosquito less. 又一只蚊子灭绝了. At any rate they might help. 不管怎样,它们可能会有好处. At any rate, orders must be obeyed. 但是,命令是要执行的,指挥是要服从的. She was provided for , at any rate. 她的生活总算有了着落. At any rate the task must be fulfilled. 无论如何,任务总得完成.

at any rate[英][t eni reit][美][t ni ret]adv.无论如何,至少; 网络至少; 无论如何; 不惜任何代价; 双语例句 1At any rate, the separation ratio is accurate.无论如何,这个分离比是比较精确的.2Enforced convalescence is a nuisance, but at any rate it allows me to catch up with my reading.提前结束恢复期令讨厌,但这样做至少可以使我的功课赶上去.

不管怎样无论如何,至少At any rate, your plan needs revision. 不管怎样,你的计划需要加以修订.


上面的翻译是“党政务请大家想打赢这场足球比赛在任何情况”应该是“In any case require the team captain to win the Cup(at any rate)”但也有一点错误,翻译的不是足球赛而是世界杯.不好意思我也只有这个能力.再看看别人怎么说的.

at any rate表示“无论如何”、“不管怎样” "至少",相当于anyway、 anyhow的用法.At any rate, we will never allow such a thing happening again. 不管怎样,我们决不会让这样的事情再次发生.

at all costs 副词 无论如何,不惜任何代价 at all events副词 无论如何 at any rate 副词 译为 无论如何 至少意思知道就够了,他们不会同时出现望采纳!

at all events: used to emphasize or show that sth is true or will happen in spite of other circumstances 强调事实的真实性;在其他任何环境下也是真实的(横向) at any rate: use to say that a particular fact is true in spite of what happened in the past


at all costs的无论如何意思更倾向于不惜一切代价至于后面两个似乎并没有什么差别

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