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我给你举个例子 He is attracted by the book .( sb be attracted to sth是指某人被吸引去做某事sb be attracted by sth).是指某人被某物吸引 (被动)attractive 吸引人的,引起兴趣的

attract英 [trkt] 美 [trkt] vt. 吸引;诱惑;引起…的好感(或兴趣)vi. 具有吸引力;引人注意第三人称单数: attracts 现在分词: attracting 过去式: attracted 过去分词: attracted He wasn't sure he'd got it right, although the theory attracted him by its logic 该理论的逻辑性吸引了他,但他不能确定自己的理解是否正确.

attracted核心词汇 英 ['trktid] 美 ['trktid] v.吸引;引来【过去式】

attract (过去式: attracted 过去分词: attracted)1. 吸引2. 引诱,诱惑 3. 引人注意4. 有吸力1.The flower show attracted large crowds this year.今年的花展吸引了大批观众.2.She gave a quiet cough to attract my attention.她轻轻地咳了一声好引起我注意.3.His comments were bound to attract criticism.他的评论必然会招致批评.


be attacted to 表示喜欢 like Babies are attracted to bright colours. 婴儿喜欢鲜艳的颜色 表示吸引人.be attracted by被什么吸引 dog was attracted by the smell of the meat. 狗受到肉味的吸引 因为t在s之后发音要变成d .比如student你自己可以读读看 满意请采纳

attracted [trktid] 是 attract的过去式,动词,吸引、引起、有吸引力的意思

在国家提出物联网发展战略的背景下,生态环境问题引起人们的广泛关注 become attracted的中文翻译 become attracted 吸引 双语例句 1 The danger of such imbalance has become manifest and attracted widespread attention. 这种因生存需

正解:两个都是及物动词,Attracted by 中文用吸引/产生好感比较贴切,而fascinated by 是迷住/迷人/着迷的意思.attract [美] [trkt] [英] [trkt] 及物动词 ( attracted; attracted; attracting ) 吸;吸引 The garden city attracts many tourists.

sb be attracted to sth是指某人被吸引去做某事 sb be attracted by sth.是指某人被某物吸引 Do you feel attracted to her? 你感到她对你有吸引力吗? The child was attracted by the glitter of the Christmas tree decorations.这孩子被圣诞树上闪耀的装饰物吸引住了



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