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BE CrowDED with造句

你好!be crowded with基本翻译拥塞;挤满;充满网络释义be crowded with:挤满 | 挤满了 | 充满希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

The pool is filled with water The bus is crowded with people I will take a part in the party Dont laugh at her

前者是“挤满” 后者是“充满” be crowded with 是 指人多 用于人的挤满 be full of 的用法比较广

The bus is crowed with people.公交车上挤满了人

be crowded with 英[bi: kradd wi] 美[bi kradd w] [释义] 充满,满是;

be crowded with 挤满,拥塞 what happens is nobody comes to the party? 发生了什么,没有人来聚会/ 这事是现在式,不能用将来时

be crowded with 中文释义: 充满, 满是 The horsy crowd 爱马的人群 Very crowded 挨挨蹭蹭 Intolerably crowded 拥护不堪 The crowd scattered.人群散开了.An orderly crowd 守秩序的人群

be crowded with 挤满,拥塞 例句与用法: Shops were crowded with customers looking over the colourful displays. 商店里挤满了在观看陈列的丰富多采商品的顾客. The beach was crowded with sunbathers. 沙滩上挤满了作日光浴的人们. The avenues of the area were crowded with visitors. 这个地区的大街上挤满了参观的人群. The room was crowded with guests. 房间里挤满了客人.

就be crowded 而言,是拥挤的意思.你可以使用.be crowded with和be crowded in作为短语搭配 with 和in 后面一般接场所或者是地方.比如in后面接bus,park,airport 而with的意思倾向于表示be前面的sth装满了sth.即为with后接sth 例如.The box is crowded with sugars.

The bus was so crowded that i fell uncomfortable


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