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CAn i (riDE/go/gEt) your BikE with you to thE stor...

ride 骑车祝你学习愉快! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

ride a bike 骑自行车;骑车;骑单车例句 1.Can you ride a bike to go there? 你能骑自行车去那儿吗?. 2.Jim was able to ride a bike two years ago. 吉姆两年前就能骑自行车了. 3.My mother tells me not to ride a bike on a rainy day. 妈妈告诉我

can you lend me

You can ride your bicycle to the ____(amuse) park.答案:amusement.中文:你可以骑自行车去娱乐公园.There is more ____(Europe) influence in this city.答案:European.中文:在这个城市中有很多地方受欧洲的影响.I'd like to start a snow _________( collerct ) CLUB.答案:collection.中文:我想要建立一个收集雪花的俱乐部.

Yes, you can.No, you can't.

:i go to school on the bike 明白了么:i ride the bike to school on the bike 是介词的短语 作状语 表示方式 用在谓语后面 例如ride the bike 是动词的短语 作谓语 用在主语后面 例如

[图文] Register your bike with the University Department of Public Safety. It's fast, easy, and free. you have a responsibility to ride only on streets and posted bicycle paths. Riding on sidewalks or other



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