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1. The baths of Badon [hot springs of Bath] shall grow cold, and their salubrious waters engender death! 巴顿(淋浴的湿泉)的水会变冷,那里有益健康的水会造成死亡! 2. Based on the poor economics,this article points out that it is the

engender 是引起的意思要背这个单词我们要把它分成3部分 EN.GEN.DER


engender[英][n'dend(r)] [美][ndnd] 生词本简明释义vt.产生;造成;引起vi.形成;引起例句How might this brutal cycle engender creativity?这个无情的循环是如何产生创造力的?

engender的近义词generate breed cause produce develop occasionimpose的近义词levy set burden charge with piace force tax put inflict

有,engender 的被动语态是 engenderedengernder 造出,使形成,使发生例句:(主动)We can engender trust in a relationship through our conduct and setting a good example.(被动)Trust in a relationship can

delight可做名词、动词使用,释义分别如下:n.快乐,高兴; 使人高兴的东西或人; vt.使高兴,使欣喜; vi.感到高兴[快乐]; 双语例句:名词用法: 1. The British team did not disguise their delight at their success. 英国队毫不掩饰他们获胜的喜

generate 英['denret] 美[dnret] vt. 形成,造成;产生物理反应;产生(后代);引起 第三人称单数:generates;过去分词:generated;现在分词:generating; [例句]So I started thinking about how to generate revenue.于是,我就开始思考如何产生收入.

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