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Fly,fly in the sky Fly,fly in the sky.Beautiful kite flying in so high.About the clouds, my dragon kite goes.Where is it going?Nobody knows.Fly,fly in the sky.Beautiful kite fiy in so high.翻译:飞翔,风筝飞翔在天空 飞,在天空中飞翔.漂亮的风筝飞这么高.关于云,我的龙风筝飞.它在哪儿去?没有人知道.飞翔,风筝飞翔在天空.漂亮的风筝飞这么高.

Go to Park Spring is coming. And the flowers begin to bloom. My parents and I go to park and see the flowers today. It's sunny. The flowers look beautiful and colorful. The wind breezes with the scent to our noses. We are like butterflies in the flowers.


In the end It starts with one thing I don't know why 现在 有件事 我不明白 为什么 It doesn't even matter How hard you try 不管你怎样努力都无济于事 Keep that in mind 我把它保存在记忆里 I designed this rhyme To explain in due time 写下这首歌曲

IN THE END是最后的意思

It starts with one thing,I don't know why 阴影不知从何处滋生,我不明白为什么 It doesn't even matter,how hard you try 无论多么努力都于事无补 Keep that in mind,I designed this rhyme 它挥之不去,牢据在心,我已构思好歌曲的韵脚 To explain


Fly By 歌手:Blue 专辑:All Rise All dressed up you're good to go Check in your style from head to toe Hooked up and natural You're feeling beautiful 9 times out of 10 you know Late night club like a video with the Hot stuff - top stuff - we got stuff oh

In spring, it is warm and rainy in my hometown and we can walk in the park. It is sunny and hot in summer and we can swiming by the beach. It is cool and sunny in fall and we can fly kites. And in winter it is very cold, but we can make snowmen.


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