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hAvE sth in Common

have something in common是指「彼此有着共通点」,可能是嗜好,也可能是观念.若你和某人完全不对盘,丝毫没有共通点,你就可以说We have nothing in common.


你好,1. sth.大都指 (一个) 没有具体说明或不指定的东西(a thing that is unspecified or unknown.)2. 通常在各种表述中,用来表明其描述或陈述量是不确定的.(something usually used in various expressions indicating that a description or amount being stated is not exact.)所以 sth. 没有几件事的意思.we have something in common我们有些共同之处.以上仅供参考!

I have sth in common乱猜的()

( have ) in common ( with) 1.与…有共同处, 和…一样 they are brothers, but they have nothing in common.Their views have much in common with mine.2. in common 公用,共有 Real friends should have everything in common.Mr. and Mrs. Smitn own the store in common.

have something in common有共同点双语对照词典结果:have something in common[英][hv smθi in kmn][美][hv smθ n kmn]有共同之处(或兴趣、特征); 例句:1.These prescriptions have something in common. 这些处方彼此之间有共同点.


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