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fewer是修饰可数名词的,less是修饰不可数名词的.no fewer than、no less than的意思都是不少于多达不亚于一般no fewer than只能修饰可数名词,而no less than 即能修饰可数也能修饰不可数的词.例如: Fresh air, no

1,对no less than 更常用,no fewer than 基本不用2,at a very little cost 而非at the very little cost 用the 的情况是 at the cost of,以……为代价3,楼主说的对,不用+about,但是这个that很重要

no… than 中 no 有形容词和副词两种词性,用法如下: 一、形容词 修饰名词表示“除了…不是别的”或“正是”,如:, It was no other than my mother. 这正是我的母.He

I have no fewer friends here than he has的意思是:我在这的朋友并不比他少.no +比较级的含义是“并不比好/坏"再如:He is no better at English than I.(他的英语并不比我的英语好到哪儿去).

no less than(不多,前者与后者都不多)not less than(不少于:前者不如后者少)no+比较级+than两者都否定;not+比较级+than前者不如后者

no less than 是不小于的意思所以其同意词应该是 more thanas much as 是一样多,也不合适

With the development of the society,English has become more and more important in our daily life.So many students spend more and more time in learning English.But they may have met some difficulties,f


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