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opportunities 英 [p'tju:nts] 美 [p'tju:nts] n. ( opportunity的名词复数 ) 机会; 适当的时机; 条件; 就业(或晋升、进步等)的良机;

1. 英式音标:[streθs] [wiknsz] [ptjunts] [θrets]2. 美式音标:[streθs] [wiknsz] [ptjunts] [θrets]3. strengths n. 优势,强项(strength的复数形式);长处.短语:Strengths 强点,实力,优势;

原形 opportunity n. 1. 机会, 时机2. 适当的时机;有利的场合3. 条件4. 就业(或晋升、进步等)的良机opportunities为opportunity的复数,改y为i再加es.

Different people have different views on opportunity. Some think that there are only few opportunities in this world while others believe that everyone will have one kind of opportunities in his or her life. As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of the

opportunity [ptju:niti]n.机会,时机opportunities [.p'tju:nitis] npl.opportunity的复数形式

Opportunity and SuccessOpportunity is one of the elements of success. But opportunities don't come often. And not all the opportunities can certainly lead to success.

[图文] opportunities when they come to visit you. The difference between a man who succeeds and 7 who does not lies only in the way each treats opportunities. The successful person always 8 (make) adequate

1.First of all,getting good education,people can abtain more opportunities in the future easily,no matter the further education or getting a suitable job.Second,for students


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