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Sound travels slower than light. 声音传播比光慢.

slow routine leads a slow lif

You have to slow down your car and prepare to stop when you see a green traffic light turns into yellow.当你看见绿色的交通灯转黄色时, 你须要把车慢下来并准备停车.The road is slippery, you'd better slow down. 路很滑, 你最好把速度放慢.

Big-Leather jeans that are too big will make you look larger.过于肥大的皮裤会让你看起来块头更大.

slowdown : 降低速度, 减速 (= slow down )例句 : There has been a sharp slowdown in economic growth. 经济增长的速度明显放慢.The slowdown appears to have blunted the recent surge in prices. 经济放缓似乎抑制了近期价格的攀升.

Slow down please!Women often drive slowlyYou make me crazyHe is finding his baby crazilyi am happywe live happilyBe quick!Quickly!we're late!The train goes fastThe train is fast

It is dangerous to ride a bicycle along an icy road, so we have to use a brake to slow down the bicycle.在冰路上骑车是很危险的,因此我们必须用车闸使自行车减慢速度.Slow down I can't keep up (with you)! 慢点,我跟不上(你)了! You must slow down your car.你必须把车子开慢.

Stop = We stop at the red light, 红灯时我们停下来. Slow down = We slow down when we see people crossing the street. 看见行人时慢下来. Wait = We wait for the light to turn green. 我们等待绿灯. Go = We can go when light is green. 绿灯时我们便能走了. 请采纳谢谢


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