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so mAkE surE you gEt Enough slEEp,not only on th

你好!so make sure you get enough sleep,not only on the night before exams 所以确保你得到足够的睡眠,而不是只在考试前一晚 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.


be sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night中文翻译:一定要每晚睡8-10小时

[图文] get a good night's sleep,” he adds, “we can often find the energy to deal with what's worrying us.” though strangely enough, sleeping longer often gives you a headache instead of making you feel more

歌曲名:talking in your sleep歌手:Romantics专辑:in heat(Jimmy Marinos/Wally Palmar/Mike Skill/Coz Canler/Peter Solley)When you close your eyes and go to sleepAnd it's down to the sound of a heartbeatI can hear the things that you're

小题1:C小题1:B小题1:D小题1:B 小题1:标题理解推断题,根据文中语句“A recent study shows that sleep helps improve problem--- solving skills and creative thinking.”理解可知.小题2:细节理解题,根据文中语句“That will help you do your

Free LoopI'm a little used to calling outside your nameI wont see you tonight so I can keep from going insaneBut I don't know enough, I get some kinda lazy dayHey yeahI've been fabulous through to fight my town a nameI'll be stooped tomorrow if I

[图文] 3. What do you think of Mr. Sims after reading the story? A. He always gave his students punishment when they made trouble. B. He was a teacher who was not only strict but also humorous. C. He liked to

歌词”Because of you“出自歌曲《Because you live》.歌名:《Because you live》歌手:Jesse McCartney,杰西麦卡尼作词:carlsson作曲:carlsson歌词:Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart心情沉重凝视窗外的雨It′s the end of the



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