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没有这个单词, 您要找的是不是:recurs vt. 背诵;叙述;列举 | vi. 背诵;叙述 recurs v. 再发生,复发( recur的第三人称单数 ); [例句]if this behaviour recurs i'll be angry. 如果再出现此行为,我就生气了. [其他] 原型: recur

for example或者such as 不过for example 后面要+逗号,such as 后不用+eg.My school have lots of excellent sutdents for example,John. My school have lots of excellent sutdents such as John.

such如此.和so意思一样,但用法不一样:比如如此好看的女孩such a beautiful girl.=so beautiful a girl.小结:such+a/an +形容词+名词=so+形容词+a/an+名词

I have never thought that it would be a such hard thing to live without him

He is able to speak four languages, such as Chinese and English.

If not you, I would not have become such that.

such as for example/instance etc.and so on like 都可以表示例举


such as such as 英[st z] 美[st z] [词典] 诸如; 像, 例如; 譬如; [例句]Trees such as spruce, pine and oak have been planted.种植了云杉、松树和橡树等树木.

He knows several languages, such as Japanese and English.Such men as he is rare now.


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