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there be结构的基本句式为: “there be +某物/某人+某地/某时”, 表示“某地/某时有某物/某人”.其中 there是引导词, 没有实际意义,主语是be后面的名词, be要随着

There be 句型是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有某物”.There在此结构中是引导词,已经没有副词“那里”的含义.There be 句型

1.there is/are.there is a dog in the picture. 2. there will be.there will be a meeting in the afternoon. 3.there have/has been.there have been great changes in our home town since the reform.

there is ..there are.

there is there are 一般现在时肯定形式there was there were 一般过去时肯定形式there isn't there aren't 一般现在时否定形式there wasn't there weren't 一般过去时否定形式 希望能采纳!

there be表示有,否定句是there be not 主语,疑问句be there 主语 .there be sth in sw某地有某物32313133353236313431303231363533e4b893e5b19e31333335303531. there will be 主语=there am/is/are going to be there is going to be a

There be + sth + 地点状语There is a flower in the bottle. 瓶里有一朵花.32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333361303032There is some money in the purse. 钱包里有些钱.There be + no + n. + in doing sth1.其中名词为表

1、There be 句型中的be 应和其后出现的主语在数上一致,即“就近原则”,如:There is a lamp on the table.There are some apples in the bowl.There are five books,two pens and a ruler in the school bag.There is a ruler,two pens and five books

There Be 句型1.意义:表示在某地有某人/物2.整个句子的结构为:There+be +名词+地点


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