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thErE BE句型写5句话

there is a bed in my room. (我的房间有一张床) there are some students in the classroom. (教室里有一些学生).there are three books in my schoolbag. (我的书包里有三本书) there are two pencils in my pencilbox (我的铅笔盒里有两支铅笔) there is a lake in the park.公园里有个湖.

There are 50 desks totally in the classroom. 教室里一共有五十个桌子.There are two blackboards in the classroom, one is in the front of the class room and another one is at the back. 教室里有两块黑板,一块在教室前面一块在后面.There are

答案是:There is a book on the table There are many flowers in the park There is a teachers' desk in front of the classroomThere is a park near the hospitalThere are many people in the park on Sunday.

there are some book on the desk. there is a village in the park . there is a mo

1.There is a flower in the bottle. 瓶里有一朵花. 2.There is some money in the purse. 钱包里有些钱. 3There is a boy, a girl and two women in the house. 房子里有一个男孩,一个女孩和两个妇女. 4.There are ten students and a teacher in the

1.there are two bedrooms on the second floor.2.there is a bookroom next to the bedroom.3.is there a computer in the bookroom?4.there ia a garden in front of the house.5.are there a kitchen or a dining hall on the first floor?

there is a policeman in the cornerthere happens to be a bridge over the riverthere were big changes in the village in these yearsthere was something wrong with the machine

My new house I have a new house . It is bigger than the old one . My new house is very beautiful , but my oid house is very crude. It has orang rope and blue walls . There is a limpid river in front of my new house . Some cute fish are in the river . There

There is a photo on the wall.(这里有一张照片在墙上)there are some people in my room.(这里有一些人在我的房间里)there is an apple on the tabble.(这里有一个苹果在桌子上)there are some keys in the drawer(这里有一些钥匙在抽屉里)there is a map under the bed.(这里有一张地图在床下)写的都是一些简单的.



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