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thErE BE造句10个

1 There is a basketball under the desk!2 There are some pens and pencicls in the pencilbox.3 There is a library in the shcool.4 There are five girls on the playground.5 There was a lake in this town.6 There were several buildings behind my house.7

1、There are tow buildings in front of the garden.在花园前面有两座建筑.2、There is less milk left.牛奶剩下的不多了.3、There is a tree nearthe house.这里有一棵树在房子旁边.4、There are many cows on the farm.农场里有很多奶牛.5、

1There are ten desks in the classroom. 2There is a watch on the desk. 3There's no love between them. 4There is a shop at the corner 5There is going to be a concert tomorrow 6There is some water in the bottle. 7There is some paper on the floor.

There are many people.There are more and more rubbish in the ground.There is some mlik .There are many animals.There were went home at six o'clock last night.

1 there is an english book on my table . 2.there are not any birds in the tree.3.there are twelve months in a year.4.there are four people(人) in my family5.there are not any boys in mary's .6.are there any beautiful girls in the photo?如果不明白,请再问;如果对你有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

There are some apples on the table.There are some books on the desk.There are some trees in front of the park.There are some hamburgers on the table.There are some chairs in the classroom.

There is a long river next to our village.我们村子旁边有一条长河.There is a supermarket behind the bank.银行后面有一家超市.There is a little milk in the glass.玻璃杯里有一点牛奶.There is a man sitting under the tree.有一个人坐在树下.There

1 . - Are there some flowers in the park? - Yes, there are. 2. -Is there a book on your desk? - No, there isn't. 3. - Are there a lot of people in the street? - Yes, there are.

there are two boys

1.There are 2 books on the desk.2.There are 3 pens in the pencilcase.3.There are 4 apples on the tree.4.There are some bats in the box.5.There are some oranges in the glass.6.There are 5 balls under the chair .7.There are 6 eggs in the cup.8.


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